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Kidnapped by a Taco

“Be SPHDZD!” someone shouted. Amber spun around. A boy and a girl, accompanied by three kids and a hamster were waving at her. Amber didn’t know what to do. She glanced at her friend, Daisy, who was staring at the girl’s odd clothes. Amber waved back.
“Eeeeek eeeek weeeek eeeeeek-”
One of the kids silenced the hamster. Amber recognized him as Michael K. from school.
“Uh…Bob? Could you tell Fluffy that they don’t speak hamster?”
Amber turned to walk away but the strangely dressed girl walked up to her.
“Are you Jennifer?” Daisy asked. Jennifer nodded. Amber remembered Bob and Jennifer, who sat in the back of the class with Michael K and did strange things.
“I think we’ll be going now…” Amber said, but Jennifer grabbed her and Daisy’s arms.
“Come on! You are going to be Spaceheadz! Sugar Free!” She said.
“Sugar free?” Amber asked.
“You’ll get used to it.” said Venus, who had been conversing quietly with Michael K. and TJ.
“What’s going on?” Daisy, who, like Amber, was being dragged by Jennifer as the rest of the group walked.
“Technically you are being abducted by aliens.” Michael K. said. Venus and TJ laughed.
“Bob and Jennifer are recruiting SPHDZ. They are trying to recruit you,” said Venus as though this explained everything.
“And SPHDZ are…?” Amber prompted, breaking free of Jennifer’s grip.
“Bob and Jennifer are aliens from another planet. They have to recruit 3.14 million and 1 people to
become SPHDZ.” Michael K. said.
“Why?” Amber asked.
“Or else earth will be turned off.” Venus said
Amber didn’t ask what that meant.
“What do they want us to do?”
Amber turned to Daisy, who wasn’t there.
“Where did she go?” Amber asked.
“You mean your friend?” TJ said. Amber nodded. Bob had been listening to their conversation, apparently, while singing a song from a commercial.
“I saw a taco take her away.” he said.
“A taco?” Amber, Venus, and TJ looked at him in surprise.
“She was taken away by an AAA Agent!” Michael K exclaimed. Bob and Jennifer gasped in horror.
“What’s an-”
“Anti Alien Agency.” Michael K explained quickly.
“They thought that she was an alien!” said Venus.
“If you see an alien, you’re supposed to call them.” said Michael K, looking a little uncomfortable.
“And what will they do to her?” Amber asked. Everyone shrugged.
“Do you think we can rescue her?” Michael K asked.
“Well….I have an idea…” Amber said.
“All new!” said Bob.
“Smack down!” said Jennifer. Amber looked at them strangely.
“What is it?” said Venus. Amber told them.

10 minutes later
Bob and Jennifer were hiding out of sight. Everyone else was crowded around Venus, who was dialing the number on her pink rhinestone cellphone.
Hello?” She said quietly when the phone was answered.
“This is Agent Umber at-” impatient, Venus cut him off.
“Do you have an alien with short blond hair and blue eyes?”
“Well, we found two aliens. Maybe if-”
“Thank you for telling me. We will be there shortly.”
The agent hung up. -”
Venus sighed and relayed the conversation to the others.
“Try again,” Michael suggested. Venus dialed the number a second time.
“Hello. We found to aliens. Maybe if-”
“Thank you for telling me. We will”
“NO!” Venus’s yell startled everyone near her.
“Excuse me?”
“I have something important to say.”
“Is it about aliens?”
“Yes. If you brought the blond haired blue eyed alien named Daisy to us, we could use her to find the aliens.”
“Just do it and we’ll show you.”
The agent disliked her way of speaking, as though she knew more about aliens than he did. But he had to capture the aliens, so he agreed.
“Fine. I will be their shortly.”
He hung up.
Venus snapped her cellphone shut.
“He’s coming with your friend.” she said.
20 minutes later
The taco walked up to them dragging a confused Daisy.
“um…Mr. Taco? I can show you the place where the aliens attacked the victim. It would give you some clues.” Amber had known the agents the least, so she had been chosen for this task as so not to make the agent suspicious. Amber led him as far away as she could, which was 20 blocks away. Michael K, Venus, and TJ ran to the headquarters with Daisy, where Bob and Jennifer were. 10 minutes later, Amber appeared.
“Where’s Daisy?”
“She went home.” Venus said.
“Amber?” Jennifer asked.
“Will you be a SPHDZ?”
Amber grinned. “Sure!”

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