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Spaceheadz and Sprites

Michael K. sat down on the chair in his living room. He was tired of dealing with Bob, Jennifer, and Major Fluffy. He picked up a small book he hadn’t seen before; SPACEHEADZ AND SPRITES.
That was odd. Michael K. opened the book and began to read.

Fawn Rima
Fawn Rima is a three year old sprite who lives with her two also three year old siblings, Lazarus and Fern, who accompany her in kindergarten. She has a pet nightingale named Lark who she enjoys riding. Fawn Rima has a degree at violet Ashley’s Acrobatical Academy and hopes someday to be a master potioneer. And she is definitely not a pen name. How could you say such a thing?

Mookank Spritius
Mookank Spritius is a three year old sprite who goes to kindergarten. He is the king of sprites and best friend with Shawna the pixie. Mookank has two sisters, Aleafa and Eleafia, and is known for going to Oregon and riding cows. He has save the world numerous times and is the reason that you are alive and well, unless, of course you are not.

This was the strangest thing Michael K had ever read. He decided not to show it to Bob, Jennifer, or Major Fluffy. He turned to the next page which said ‘Fawn Rima’s Introduction”. The next page said, “Read the introductions or you will regret it!” The next page was “Mookank’s introduction”. He skipped that too. Finally he came to a story called Orange Juice. He continued reading, ignoring the nagging memory of the words, “You will regret it!”.

Orange Juice
Once upon a time there was a Spacehead. He liked to play baseball. But one day he got hit on the stomach with the ball. The hospital grew legs and walked over to the spacehead, who claimed he was feeling fine as he collapsed on the ground in pain. Then, orange juice came out of his mouth as the evil doctors whisked him away. They gave him a special potion that made him dance like a baboon and eat bananas. Suddenly a large dog fell on his head, snapping him out of ig. He killed the purple dog subconsciously and locked himself in jail, never to be seen again.

Suddenly, Michael K. heard a voice.
“You didn’t read the introduction!”

Several hours later, Venus walked into the room. Michael K was nowhere to be seen. On the chair was a book and a note:

Do not fail to read the introduction like Michael K did. It wll cost you a lot.

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