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A Mango’s False Accusations

“Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!”
Michael K sighed. He, Bob, Jennifer, Major Fluffy, Venus and TJ were sitting in the back of the kindergarden classroom. They were supposed to be Miss Singer’s ‘helpers for the day.’ That currently meant watching the little five-year-olds play when they could be stopping earth from being turned off. Suddenly, the door opened a crack. It closed abruptly, but not before Michael K could catch a glimpse of the giant mango costume.
“Miss Singer!” a kindergardener shouted. “I saw a mango open the door.”
Venus looked at Michael K, who was about to stand up.
“Stop!” she whispered. “We have to make a plan.”
“The AAA are here to capture us!” Jennifer exclaimed a little too loudly. The mango opened the door. Kindergardeners screamed.
“Who said ‘the AAA are here to capture us?” the mango asked.
“A talking mango!” shouted a little girl excitedly.
“You must be the aliens!” the mango said. Bob and Jennifer gasped.
The AAA had found them!

Michael K froze as the mango walked to the kindergardeners. He took out a pickle.
“This is Agent Umber speaking. I’ve found the aliens.”
“Oh no!” TJ whispered. “We have to get out of here!”
“I don’t think the mango-”
“Agent Umber.” Michael K corrected.
“Whatever. I don’t think he knows were the aliens. He’s after the kindergardeners.” Venus said.
“We have to rescue them!” Bob said.
“The AAA agents are so un-enriched!” said Jennifer.
“Eeeek Eeek week!” said Major Fluffy.
“I’m going to steal Agent Umber’s pickle phone.” Michael K said. “He forgot to tell the Agency where the ‘aliens’ are, and he will realize that in a moment.”
Venus Looked at Miss Singer, who was talking with Agent Umber while the kindergardeners took the opportunity to go crazy.
“He’s holding it. I’ll throw something at him that he will want to catch so it doesn’t break and TJ can make him go somewhere else. Agent Umber will have dropped his phone and you can get it.” Venus suggested. It was more of a command then a suggestion, because she picked up a glass cup. But then she saw that Bob and Jennifer were attacking the mango. Agent Umber pulled a blaster out of his pocket.
“You must be aliens too. You’l pay for this.” He blasted them across the room. Venus glanced at
the spaceheadz, who were unconcious, and then shouted,
“Agent Umber! In this breakable cup is the key to getting aliens. Catch!”
The cup sailed across the room. The mango dropped his phone and caught it.
“Hey, Mango!” TJ shouted. “I found some aliens down the hall! Follow me!”
“I don’t believe you! You must be an alien too!” He blasted TJ out the door.
Michael K was ready to steal the phone, but Agent Umber was about to pick it up. All this for nothing!
Suddenly, Venus screamed.
“The evil aliens got me! They’re invisible! Help!” Venus fell to the floor dramatically as if struggling with an enemy.
“I’ll save you!” Umber forgot about his phone and rushed over to help Venus. Michael K picked up the pickle and put it in his pocket.
Once Umber was done ‘rescuing’ Venus, Michael K said,
“I saw a green alien run off with your phone. He’s running down the street right now.”
Umber ran off.
They had saved the kindergarden!
At least for now.

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