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The day

The day I became a SPHDZ was the most thrilling day of my life… There I was, already made my account to be a SPHDZ and then it happened. My computer screen went flashing red, my sight got blurry, all around me went black. I soon found out that I had been teleported to the *SPHDZ secret camp base* under Michael K`s house. Bob, Jennifer, and a bunch of other strange people were there to congratulate and train me to be a SPHDZ( Project Planet Earth, or PPE). I was so thrilled! There I was about to have the adventure of my life!
Bob-“Ok agent Chunky Deep-conditioning Treatment are you ready to blast off into a magical adventure and never return?”
Jennifer- ”Or are you ready to BE EXTERMINATED under THE EXTREME pressure of being a SPHDZ?”
Me-” Either one sounds pretty painful… I`m in!”
Then we teleported again (man they really liked to teleport) back to *Earth* right were I had been before and started our quest, to have 3.14 + 1 people join SPHDZ before the world is Shut Off! And off to an adventure that these books have taken me until next time…


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