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No-calorie Mascara-SPHDZ.TS.506819's Stories


So im home from school, its friday so Im playing video games. Im playing madden and about to get the Super Bowl winning touchdown but then….. BBZZZRRRRRRTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything went black. No one could see. There were power outages everywhere…. Im like, “I was about to win the Super Bowl!!!” Then, my heart stopped pumping…… i […]

AAA ALMOST FINDS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So im shooting hoops, someone walks by and says hi. I realize she’s Agent Hot Magenta! I stole her password on (not the car insurance) and i purposely edit the ‘Fried Santa Incident’ and i blabbed details left and right. (Look for info in Book 1!) I was such a genius for hacking Hot […]

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